The management and board of Oil Spill Victims Vanguard (OSPIVV), a non governmental organization based in Nigeria has concluded plans to begin an awareness campaign program on Oil spill clean up in the Niger Delta region. According to the General manager of the organization Pastor Comrade Aloysius Okerieke after a brief meeting with the Executive Director Mr. Harrison Jalla while unveiling the campaign materials said ” We in OSPIVV owe it a duty to start this awareness campaign program soonest. I had the opportunity to visit most of the communities in the region courtesy of the evaluation an assessment of communities impacted during the Bonga oil spill which occurred in December 2011. I weep for my people everday if you see the polluted environment they are forced to lived in, they have no access to portable drinking water, good food and health facilities. So much sickness and death is ravaging the Niger Delta region unknowingly to the federal authorities. Even the multinational companies who spill this oil in our rivers and creeks which lead to loss of aquatic life and environmental degradation have been left unchallenged and continue their selfish business in the area to the detriment of our people. In this regard OSPIVV has taken up the challenge to start this awareness campaign for clean up of the region and we will do just that to salvage our people”
While receiving the campaign materials from his General Manager, the Executive Director of OSPIVV Mr. Harrison Jalla a renowned environmentalist who led his team to take the Bonga oil spill case against SPDC to the High court in the United Kingdom since 2017said ” I am happy that we are fully ready for this awareness campaign to clean up the entire Niger Delta. We are already in touch with our experienced partners outside the shores of Nigeria to do a good job. I’m also in talks with the Ministry in charge of Niger Delta to formally cement our plans. The truth is that our people have suffered untold hardship as a result of oil pollution in this region and nobody is saying anything about it. A dirty environment leads to a dirty mindset, hence we decided to give our people a clean environment so that they can be attracted to the good things of life. All we need is your prayers for this dream project to come to pass. We have endured so much and we cannot remain in a dirty environment and exposed to death forever” he concluded.

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