The Bonga facility Operated by Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company(SNEPCO) began first operation in 2005. The Bonga field is an oil field in Nigeria located in License block OPL 212 off the Nigerian coast, which was renamed OML 118 in February 2000.
The Field covers approximately 120 km in an average water depth of 1000 meters (3,300ft). The Field was discovered in 1996, with government approval for its development given in 2000.
It worked via an (FPSO) Floating production storage and off loading, produces both Petroleum and natural gas; the petroleum is off loaded to tankers while the gas is piped back to Nigeria where it is exported via an LNG plant.
The Bonga field is said have in excess of 965 million tonne of oil with capacity for producing 150 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day. Its operator Shell Nigeria exploration and production company owns 55% of the License.
The other partners are Exxon Mobil 20%, Total S.A 12.5% Eni petroleum 12.5%. So how did the Bonga oil spill of 20th 2011 happened?
In the next edition of this series we shall give account of the Shell group’s version of the spill and thereafter follow it up with the version of the shoreline coastal communities and that of the Nigerian regulatory authorities.
This series is from the stable of the oil spill victims vanguard a non-governmental organization(NGO) incorporated with the corporate affairs commission, OSPIVV is an Initiative whose main object is dedicated to fight for compensation for victims of oil spills, health hazards of gas flaring, transparency and accountability in the Extractive industry in Nigeria.
HARRISON JALLA is an Executive Director (OSPIVV).

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